How A Cosmetic Dentist Uses Dental Bonding

Dental BondingDental bonding is a cost-efficient means of repairing chipped, broken or stained teeth. Dental bonding can also help with plenty of other minor cosmetic dentistry procedures. Cosmetic surgeons use this type of bonding to help patients enjoy beautiful smiles, improved self-perception and a sense of enhanced well-being.

An Explanation of Dental Bonding

This cosmetic dentistry procedure is the placement of a composite material to a tooth. We sculpt, shape, harden and polish the bonding material to the tooth and surrounding teeth. The material bonds right onto the tooth and blends in quite seamlessly.

What Kind of Work is Dental Bonding Ideal for?

Dental bonding is optimal for small cosmetic dentistry procedures such as fixing a chipped or broken tooth and closing gaps between teeth. Dental bonding can also be useful as a filling that matches surrounding teeth. Many people prefer dental bonding since it is one of the least noticeable oral health solutions on the market.

People who have any concerns about their appearance following the procedure can know that dental bonding will alleviate all of those concerns. With a natural appearance and healthy tooth, the patient will be able to smile with confidence.

How it Works

We start out by applying a light phosphoric acid to the surface of the tooth. We will then etch surface so the bonding material can remain in position. Next, we will apply the bonding to the surface of the tooth and shape the bonding material for the proper formation. The material hardens and sets with the assistance of a special light.

In many cases, dental bonding does not require a lot of time to place and is convenient for people with busy schedules. We also use this treatment for children since the bonding material lasts a long time.

Why so Many Patients are Taking Advantage of Cosmetic Dentistry’s Dental Bonding

Dental bonding is quite cheap compared to other options. Patients would spend considerably more money on veneers. It is also possible that the dental insurance plan will cover the majority of dental bonding's cost. It takes merely one office visit for dental bonding to be applied. In fact, it might require as little as half an hour per tooth. Anesthesia is unnecessary unless bonding is used to fill a tooth.

Dental Bonding Will Give You a Smile You are Proud Of

If you are self-conscious about your smile or cannot stand the sight of a chipped or stained tooth, you have everything to gain from dental bonding with your cosmetic dentist. You will love how you look after you remedy that space between your teeth, discoloration, chipped tooth edge or another pesky flaw. Dental bonding will have you looking your best. When you look good, you feel good and you live life to the fullest.

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