A Dentist in San Jose Answers Patient FAQ’s

DentistWhat happens at the first appointment?

The first appointment involves an inventory of patient medical history. We will review the patient's unique dental and medical history in order to provide the proper care that the patient needs in a comfortable manner. After we take X-rays of the patient's teeth, we will then examine the mouth and jaw as well.  After completing this examination, we can begin to form a customized treatment plan to the patient's dental needs.

What should a patient bring to the first appointment?

It is ideal for a patient to try and arrive at least 30 minutes early to the first appointment in order to fill out paperwork. Patients can also fill out the forms online beforehand. Patients must also bring their photo ID and dental insurance card. If a patient uses Medicaid, then he or she must bring the proper Medicaid card.

If the patient has X-rays from another dentist that are from the last year, call us about bringing them as well. Patients who have a legal guardian or power of attorney will need to include their name and documentation. The patient will also need to fill out the new patient form so the office has all of the information necessary to provide treatment.

Are adults as susceptible to cavities as adolescents?

Anyone who has teeth can get cavities. As long as there are bacteria in the mouth that can feed on carbohydrates, cavities will occur in patients of all ages. In fact, cavities tend to form around crowns, fillings and root surfaces after gum recession. While it is true that adults do not have as high of a cavity rate as youngsters, every adult is prone to cavities.

What can be done about teeth sensitivity to cold temperatures?

Teeth become sensitive for different reasons. Some experience decay that leads to sensitivity. Others have flawed fillings. Some teeth have an exposed root structure that leads to excessive sensitivity. By scheduling an appointment with us, we can determine the true cause of the patient's tooth sensitivity. A wide array of solutions including varnishes might prove helpful for sensitive teeth.

Should youngsters wear mouth guards when playing sports?

A mouth guard goes a long way in protecting a smile. Parents need to make sure that a youngster's mouth guard is a proper fit so it can provide ample cushion an impact. A mouth guard can prevent everything from broken teeth to a cut tongue or a jaw injury. If the mouth guard does not fit, then there is a better chance of it falling out.

Will extra fluoride really help guard against tooth decay?  Is there a sufficient amount of fluoride in toothpaste?

Studies show fluoride decreases the rate of cavities better than other methods. Use fluoridated toothpaste and water to protect against cavities. It will also help to use mouth rinses that contain fluoride as well. In fact, some dentists prescribe dispensed fluoride for those who have an especially high risk for cavities.

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