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    What is Bioclear?

    Bioclear is a minimally invasive dental treatment method designed to take a conservative approach to add composite to your natural teeth without compromising your natural tooth structure. Founded in 2007, by Dentist and innovator, Bioclear is a modern approach to conservative dentistry used by many talented dentists all over the United States.

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    What can Bioclear fix?

    • Teeth staining
    • Dark spaces between teeth (diastema closure)
    • Cracks & chips
    • Black triangles
    • Undersized & uneven teeth
    • Damaged teeth

    How long does Bioclear Treatment last?

    Unlike the traditional resin used by dentists, Bioclear can last you decades with proper care and regular maintenance visits to the hygienist for a dental cleaning.

    What are the advantages to Bioclear?

    Bioclear has many advantages over traditional dental restoration methods. Bioclear is minimally invasive, cost effective, long lasting, and time saving as it can be done in a single visit to the dentist without having to wait weeks for the lab.

    What does the Bioclear procedure consist of?

    Bioclear procedures must follow a very strict and systemized protocol in order to produce beautiful and long lasting restorations. Dr. Baik will first polish and/or "blast" your teeth (with Aluminum Trihydroxide powder) to remove all "biofilms" (layers of bacteria) from the teeth. Once the teeth are prepped with this step, (being free of bacteria), Dr. Baik will then adapt clear "Bioclear Matrices" over your teeth to isolate the area and use them as molds for the special heated composite resin (Filtek Supreme by 3M). With multiple additional steps of "prepping teeth" such as etching, bonding agent application, and heated flowable composite application, "Bioclear Matrices" are injection molded with Filtek Supreme Composite to create strong "monolithic" restorations. Ultraviolet light is then used to cure the composite (hardens it). Once the composite resin is adequately cured, Dr. Baik will then use his artistic and exceptional hand-eye coordination ability to contour and polish the material to form beautiful and natural looking teeth.

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