Visit our San Jose Dentist Office If You Have a Chipped Tooth

DentistA chipped tooth is embarrassing in its own right. A tooth can chip from something clumsy in public, falling or hitting something and feeling ashamed of the entire incident. Thankfully, our San Jose dentist is here to help you look and feel your best following a chipped tooth or other accident.

If you have any level of the chip in your tooth, reach out to our San Jose dentist for quick and effective treatment. Regardless of if the tooth needs treatment or not, we can provide a professional opinion. Here is a look at how a San Jose dentist can help with your chipped tooth.

Chipped a Tooth?  Here is What to do

If you chip a tooth, it might take a little bit of time to see a dental professional. It can even take half a day or more than a full day before receiving an appointment. However, patients can be proactive while waiting for professional attention by treating the pain with over-the-counter pain medication. This pain medication will reduce swelling and pain. The patient can also rinse out the mouth to clean away food particles that might stick to the ends of the cracked tooth.

In fact, patients can use a specialized mouthwash to keep the mouth clean. While these steps sound basic, they will prove especially helpful if the patient feels pain when trying to simply brush his or her teeth. Apply ice to assist with the pain of the chipped tooth in the hours and minutes prior to the appointment. Be sure to apply the ice in an indirect manner to keep the swelling down and reduce the pain.

Your San Jose Dentist can Help

Meet with your San Jose dentist following the incident. Your dentist will examine the extent of the tooth damage. We will analyze the chip right away and begin working on a possible solution that suits your distinct tooth. This is the level of custom tailored care each patient deserves.


If there is a fairly simple and small chip, we will likely lean toward bonding. Dental bonding is a straightforward procedure that makes use of a composite material that we mold over a healthy portion of the tooth. During the procedure, we roughen the remaining enamel, shape the composite and set it in place with a light that hastens the hardening. We complete the bonding with precision and care so it can last upwards of a full decade.

Dental Implants

 We can remove the tooth in question in order to place a dental implant. We will be sure to provide the open space enough time to heal following the tooth removal. Next, we will position a metal post within the gum line before installing an implant that resembles a real tooth. This approach reduces the chance of infection as well as the possibility of a root canal. However, it will take some time as the mouth has to heal between the point in time when we extract and the day the implant is placed.


A cracked tooth that poses a serious cosmetic issue can be resolved with veneers. These are restorations made of porcelain to cover the front portion of teeth. They generate a natural-looking smooth surface when properly applied. Have your dentist install one or several veneers and you will find they are quite the effective solution for chipped teeth.

Contact Us Today to Schedule an Appointment

If you have a chipped tooth or any other oral health problem, reach out to us today for assistance. Schedule an appointment, let our oral health experts take a look at your mouth and develop the appropriate course of treatment.

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