Cosmetic Dentistry for Teeth Straightening

Cosmetic DentistryMost people have the desire for straight teeth and a uniform smile. While the pain and inconvenience of braces was a necessity in the past, it is no longer the case. That is where the invention of cosmetic straightening or instant orthodontics comes in.

Cosmetic straightening is an effective method for the patient who wants fast change but has not been simple to fix. Cosmetic Straightening is when the dentist uses veneers or porcelain crowns to fix the flaws. These options can mask or align unpleasant looking teeth or gaps.

Different Straightening Methods

Using the porcelain veneer method of cosmetic dentistry is very easy yet can be very effective. Porcelain veneers are placed on top of the already existing teeth and make delicate adjustments. Porcelain veneers are also for changing whole rows of teeth and creating a unified look and a brand new smile. Veneers allow the patient to pick the color and shape of their teeth.

Now, it is a bit different with the crown portion of cosmetic dentistry, but not by much.  Crowns are placed like caps over existing teeth in order to support tooth structure while also altering the alignment of the teeth, creating a more natural bite with the teeth in proper alignment. Unlike veneers, dental crowns remain in place and are more stable.

Since the crowns color-match your teeth, they also look like your natural teeth. The great part about cosmetic straightening portion of cosmetic dentistry is that instead of taking the usual year or more, like braces, it only takes around four weeks or less.

Repair Your Teeth for a Better Smile

While cosmetic dentistry can fix a patient's teeth, the effects of the final product can also help to boost self-confidence. One simple problem or imperfection that a patient is dealing with can lower their confidence or cause them to smile less. Fixing cosmetic issues with teeth can help to boost someone's self-confidence and feelings about their image. It takes the worry right out smiling.

Other cosmetic dentistry treatments

There are other types of cosmetic dentistry besides the obvious veneers and crowns. Some forms of cosmetic dentistry are much bigger steps that crowns or veneers and some even smaller.  They include teeth whitening, Composite Bonding, and Implants.

All of the options cover every level of need. From just changing the color of teeth to replacing a tooth completely.

Teeth Whitening and More

Teeth whitening is a common procedure that people will use to brighten the shade of their teeth. Teeth whitening can use either a gel or cream that they place on the teeth using trays. There are even kits available that a patient uses at home. Composite bonding involves fixing teeth with something like cement, to repair their appearance and any cracks or structural damage.

A more permanent option is dental implants. Implants replace a missing tooth after an extraction or trauma occurs by inserting a titanium screw into the patient's gum. The titanium screw acts as the root of the new tooth. Once the screw fuses with the jawbone, we can then add an attachment similar to a dental crown to provide a natural appearance and a functional tooth.

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