5 Popular Cosmetic Dentistry Treatments

Cosmetic DentistryAn effective way to get the movie star smile you have always wanted is through cosmetic dentistry treatments. These treatments focus on improving the aesthetic appeal of your smile, not just your oral health. Not everyone is born with straight teeth, a perfect bite, or pearly white enamel. As people age, the teeth can begin to experience discoloration or eventually fall out. While these things may not be a dental emergency, cosmetic dentistry can improve our confidence and have many other benefits as well.

We can perform multiple cosmetic dentistry procedures in our office to help enhance your smile.

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5 popular procedures that anyone can get to enhance the appearance of their smile.

Teeth whitening

Teeth whitening is the most popular cosmetic dentistry procedures and also the most basic. Teeth whitening can happen at the dental office or in the privacy of your own home. Your dentist can perform several types of in-office whitening treatments or give you an office quality bleaching kit to use at home.


When you are missing teeth, an implant can be used to replace that tooth. Implants are considered cosmetic but also have many benefits for your oral health as well. Implants can reduce infections or spread of bacteria, stabilize gum health and bite, and ensure that you do not have a speech impediment due to missing teeth. Implants involve a tiny metal screw that professionals implant into your gum to replace the tooth root and then secure a false tooth to that base.


Veneers are customized for each patient to look as natural as possible. There are placed over the top of each tooth using dental adhesive and can be used to straighten, permanently whiten, or fill in gaps in the teeth.


These fillings correct mild to moderate decay and a tooth cannot support a traditional filling. Inlays cover the surface of the tooth and consist of composite resin, just like a traditional modern filling. However, inlays provide support to the teeth and restore shape.


Composite bonding is when professionals use a resin to reshape or repair chipped, damaged or broken teeth. The dentist can reshape your tooth using this material that is enamel colored and natural looking. This is the least expensive of all cosmetic dental procedures and commonly used to fix the chipped teeth of children.

Cosmetic dentistry is performed in dental offices every day. Whitening and composite bonding are two of the most common and also most affordable cosmetic procedures to occur. Most of the time, dental insurance does not cover cosmetic procedures, so make sure that when you are consulting with your dentist you also consult with the financial department to determine the cost of the procedure and financial plans that may be available.

Cosmetic dentistry can improve your smile, increase your confidence and improve your mood while also ensuring your oral health is at the top of your mind.

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