What Are All on 4® Dental Implants?


In our San Jose, CA dental office, we are regularly asked, “what are All on 4® dental implants?” Many of our 95123 patients are familiar with denture and dental implants but not with this procedure. In many ways, it is a hybrid of the two, combining the best of both technologies. The All on 4® solution gives you the convenience of replacing your teeth quickly, along with the stability of a dental implant. For this reason, it is incredibly popular among our patients. Dennis Baik, DDS can examine you and explain the procedure in detail when you visit our office for a consultation.

What Are All on 4® Dental Implants?

This is a set of replacement teeth that is premade in the dental lab. With teeth secured to a gum base, the prosthetic is similar to dentures in how it is created. That, however, is where the similarities end. With All on 4® dental implants, that set of replacement teeth is secured to four implants on the top and bottom. Those implants can be placed immediately and serve as an anchor for the new set of teeth. This gives you a level of stability and security that dentures cannot. Once placed, you can eat whatever you like and engage in normal, high-impact activities without fear of your teeth coming loose, just like you can with a dental implant.

Why the All on 4® Dental Implant Procedure Is an Excellent Option

Traditional implants will always be an ideal way to replace missing teeth because each missing root and tooth is replaced independently of other teeth. In this way, a dental implant most closely mirrors the natural world. However, this option does not work for everyone, since each implant has to be surgically placed. This can take a significant amount of time and can also cause more irritation. Since the All on 4® procedure can be completed more quickly and by only placing four implants, you can receive a secure set of teeth but without the inconveniences associated with the traditional procedure. It can also be more cost-effective for patients on a tight budget.

Who Is a Candidate for the All on 4® Procedure in the 95123 area?

Dennis Baik, DDS recommends them for anyone who has experienced complete tooth loss and wants a less invasive solution than the placing of individual dental implants. Additionally, less bone density is required for the All on 4® procedure, which makes it an option for people who have been refused by an implant dentist.

Schedule an Appointment for the All on 4® Dental Implant Procedure

Replacing your missing teeth has never been easier. Simply call (408) 676-5321 and schedule a consultation with Dennis Baik, DDS. We can replace your missing teeth quickly in our San Jose, CA dental office so you can return to enjoying your life, uninhibited by your smile. All our solutions are natural-looking, so you can be confident in your appearance along with your ability to chew and speak clearly.


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