Frequently Asked Questions About Dentures


Do dentures require the use of adhesives?

If your dentures fit securely, it might not be necessary to use adhesives.  However, the majority of those who wear dentures use adhesives for additional security.  If you are not sure which adhesive is optimal for your unique mouth and dentures, our dentist can help you select one.

Are dentures comfortable?

Dentures are custom designed for your mouth so they will fit quite comfortably.  Your dentures will be snug when you first receive them.  As time progresses, the jawline and gums will likely change in subtle ways.  These alterations can cause slight denture discomfort.

Are denture checkups necessary?

Yes.  Adhere to a regular schedule of routine dental checkups to ensure your dentures are fitting as designed.  Regular dental checkups can prevent denture discomfort.  It might be necessary to partially remake your dentures after several years.

How long will it take to get used to the feel of dentures?

Dentures do not feel like regular teeth yet they are comfortable.  There will be a period of adjustment.  However, you will get used to the feel of your dentures in little time.  The transition to dentures will be easier if you consume soft foods that facilitate the chewing process.  If you feel awkward when speaking with dentures in your mouth, give it a few weeks of practice and you will be able to speak with full confidence.

Do dentures alter the way I look?

Today's dentures are advanced to the point that they look like regular teeth.  In fact, modern-day dentures are customized to suit the look of your gums, tongue, and lips.

Do dentures alter the way in which I eat?

You might find the eating process a bit challenging at first.  This is attributable to the fact that you have spent an entire lifetime consuming food in a certain way.  All you have to do is tweak your eating process and you will be able to eat in comfort with dentures.

How are dentures cleaned?

Brush your dentures after each meal.  Use a brush with soft bristles along with a denture cleaner.  When cleaning dentures, hold them over a bowl full of water or a towel just in case you drop them.

What should be avoided with dentures?

Avoid foods that are chewy, hard or crunchy.  These foods and any other hard items like ice, pen caps etc. can chip or crack your dentures.  Furthermore, you should avoid contact with bleaching agents and abrasive cleaners as they have the potential to weaken or create grooves on dentures.  Finally, do not put dentures in hot water.

Should dentures be removed at night?

In most instances, the answer is yes.  Discuss denture removal with your dentist to ensure you are removing them at the proper frequency for your unique dentures and oral health.

Will my dentures become stained?  If so, what can I do about it?

Dentures can stain like natural teeth.  If you drink a lot of red wine, coffee, tea or smoke cigarettes, your dentures will gradually stain.  Be sure to brush your dentures at least once per day to minimize staining.

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