Do I Need Sedation for Dental Implant Surgery?


Many of our San Jose patients want to know, “do I need sedation for dental implant surgery?” As with any medical procedure, you decide whether you want to be sedated or under any medication at all. However, we recommend that you do use sedation dentistry when having dental implant surgery. Dennis Baik, DDS warns our 95123 patients that since this is surgery, there will be discomfort and a significant recovery period. Sedation dentistry helps the process to go smoothly while preventing you from feeling the discomfort.

The Process of Dental Implant Surgery

To fully appreciate the benefits of sedation dentistry, you should be familiar with the dental implant surgery itself. In this procedure, we are implanting a small titanium post under the gums and securing it to the jawbone. Any time the gums are cut open, you will be sore. Simultaneously, your jawbone may be sore. Feeling every second of the surgery is not in your best interest. Relaxing or sleeping due to sedation dentistry is a far better option.

Sedation Dentistry Options

If you do elect to have sedation dentistry used during your dental implant surgery, you have more than one option to select from. Dennis Baik, DDS is a highly-trained and well-respected sedation dentist who can provide you with oral sedation or IV sedation. Oral sedation is often referred to as laughing gas because it places you into a state of complete calm, regardless of what is happening around you. While you may fall asleep, there is no guarantee of this. For this reason, we often recommend IV sedation for dental implant surgery. Delivering the anesthesia directly to your bloodstream means that it will take effect faster and have stronger results.

Dental Implant Surgery Is an Excellent Solution

To learn more about replacing your missing teeth with dental implant surgery, call (408) 676-5321 and schedule an appointment with our San Jose, CA sedation dentistry office. Dennis Baik, DDS can provide you with the solutions you need to remain calm and relaxed while having your teeth replaced. Afterward, your smile will be fully functional and beautiful.

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