Cosmetic Dentistry and Dentures

Posted on: March 30, 2018

DentureOne of the first things people notice when you open your mouth is your teeth. If you have any missing teeth in your mouth, then it is wise to contact an oral surgeon for cosmetic dentistry as soon as possible.  People are harsh when it comes to criticism and first appearances. If you simply want to improve your self-confidence, then it is beneficial to call a professional oral surgeon such as Dennis Baik, DDS.

As the teeth get older with our bodies our enamel rots down. There are many reasons why people lose their teeth, but plaque build-up is a common and major reason. The human mouth has a lot of bacteria going in and out, if you do not properly take care of your mouth, you will lose your teeth and a variety of other health issues will be involved.

Individuals who lived in the Middle Ages died prematurely. This fact is due to their lack of knowledge regarding oral hygiene. Fortunately, you can fix any damage to your teeth and gums by calling us today.

Restore Your Original Smile with an experienced Oral Surgeon

Dentures can bring back the smile that you’ve always desired. Before you decide to go toothless or just deal with it, choose cosmetic dentistry, as this method is bound to aide your overall confidence and well-being in life.  We all want to look and feel our best, investing in your smile is vital to your future.

Oral surgery can help sculpt realistic teeth, or you can choose the denture route, which also proves to appear natural and real. Whichever preference suits you, our cosmetic dentistry consultants will always have your best interest first in mind.

When you decide to fix your oral appearance, you will begin to feel better on the inside and out.  Oral surgeons specialize in disease, infection, and defects in the areas of the neck, head, jaw, and face.  Remember, your smile may make or break you, as critical as it may sound, appearance is everything in the name of the world.

Oral surgeons strive to improve smiles tenfold.  Think about it this way, you will feel better about yourself and the oral surgeon will be sure to create a healthy environment inside of your mouth, as long as you strictly follow their guidelines and advice.  Improving your oral care and appearance will do wonders for the entirety of your health.

Neglecting Oral Health Can Lead To Future Diseases That Could Have Been Prevented

Dentures and cosmetic dentistry are known to help people tremendously.  We all need teeth to eat, to gain the proper nutrition our bodies need to stay alive. If you neglect your oral health, you will be at risk and an open host for more diseases to seep in, opposed to if you properly took care of your oral health.


If you upkeep your oral health, you will be less susceptible, when it comes to life-threatening mouth diseases. Request an appointment in our San Jose dental office here: Call us at (408) 676-5321 for more oral surgery information from Dennis Baik, DDS.

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